Professional Intruder Alarm Servicing & Maintenance in Liphook, Hampshire

Regular alarm maintenance ensures that your investment wasn’t wasted. You’ve paid good money for your alarm system, and our intruder alarm maintenance is the best way to make that investment last for longer. At WDT Alarms Ltd, we’re passionate about security, and we work from our base in Liphook, Hampshire, ensuring that as many homes as possible are protected.


The reliability of your system is of the utmost importance. By having a system that only sounds for genuine reasons, neighbours are more likely to take notice of the noises being made.

Intruder Alarms Installation Experts in Liphook
Intruder Alarms Installation Experts in Liphook


The external warning device, sometimes referred to as a bell box, is vital in deterring potential intruders. By looking at this device, it’s easy to guess at the age and condition of the intruder alarm system. Our maintenance ensures that these boxes look great, as well as checking that the alarms inside them are running efficiently.


The importance of servicing cannot be stressed enough. We suggest a yearly service, as this means we’re able to make sure that the alarm system is fully serving its intention. At the very least, alarms should be serviced every four years, as the batteries run down after this time. With a full service and good general maintenance, we’d expect your system for last up to 15 years. A system that is serviced regularly is much more reliable than systems that aren’t.

Our Services

The services that we carry out generally take around an hour. During this time, our engineers check the control panel, detectors, bell box, battery, and backup battery. We clean and test every aspect of your system, and ensure that it’s all working as well as it should be. The sirens and speakers are also tested, to make sure that they’d be able to raise the alarm effectively. You’re then advised of any problems, and give suggestions on potential replacement parts.

Complete Security

A fully-serviced, well-maintained security system is great for raising the alarm in the case of an intruder. However, you’re able to make your home safer still with an access control system. These are designed to stop people getting in altogether, and your alarm is then used as a last line of defence.

Access Control
Intruder Alarms Installation Experts in Liphook